The basic conference structure of ENOC 2014 were numerous minisymposia (MS) on major and challenging topics, organized by well-recognized scientists also acting as chairpersons of those MS. Several of them followed the successful scheme of ENOC 2008 (St. Petersburg) and ENOC 2011 (Rome), having been organized here for the second or third time, possibly with slight-though meaningful-changes in the denomination and/or in the chairpersons.

Following a tradition of ENOC, the organizers of  two minisymposia were awarded for their outstanding contribution and successful organisation of their minisymposium. See "ENOC Prizes" for the honored organizers.

In the following the up-to-date list of MS is given.

  • MS-01
    Reduced-Order Modeling and System Identification
    Organizers: L.A.Bergman, M. Eriten, Y.S. Lee
  • MS-02
    Asymptotic Methods
    Organizers: I.V. Andrianov, J. Awrejcewicz, L.I. Manevitch
  • MS-03
    Computational Methods
    Organizers: H. Dankowicz, J. Sieber, Th.P. Sapsis
  • MS-04
    Experiments in Nonlinear Dynamics and Control
    Organizers: W. Lacarbonara, H. Yabuno, G. Michon
  • MS-05
    Slow-Fast Systems and Phenomena
    Organizers: A. Neishtadt, D.D. Quinn, J.J. Thomsen
  • MS-06
    Fractional Derivatives
    Organizers:J.A.T. Machado, R. Caponetto, C. Ionescu, P. Melchior
  • MS-07
    Dynamics and Optimization of Multibody Systems
    Organizers: J. Ambrosio, F.L. Chernousko, P. Eberhard
  • MS-08
    Nonlinear Phenomena in Mechanical and Structural Systems
    Organizers: B. Balachandran, S. Natsiavas, J. Warminski
  • MS-09
    Nonlinear Dynamics of Structural and Machine Elements
    Organizers: Y.V. Mikhlin, M. Cartmell, K.V. Avramov,
  • MS-10
    Non-Smooth Dynamics
    Organizers: C-H. Lamarque, R.I. Leine, N.v.d. Wouw
    (Minisymposium award)
  • MS-11
    Systems with Time Delay
    Organizers: T. Insperger, E. Butcher
  • MS-12
    Micro- and Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems
    Organizers: J. Rhoads, S.W. Shaw, M.I. Younis
  • MS-13
    Nonlinear Dynamics in Biological Systems
    Organizers: G. v.d.Heijden, S. Goyal
  • MS-14
    Nonlinear Dynamics for Engineering Design
    Organizers: S. Lenci, M. Wiercigroch, B. Epureanu
  • MS-15
    Energy Transfer and Harvesting in Nonlinear Systems
    Organizers: O. Gendelman, G. Kerschen, A. Vakakis
  • MS-16
    Random Dynamical Systems: Recent Advances and New Directions
    Organizers: R. Iwankiewicz, D. Yurchenko
  • MS-17
    Time-periodic Systems
    Organizers: S.C. Sinha, T. Pumhössel
    (Minisymposium award)
  • MS-18
    Control and Synchronization of Chaos and Complex Dynamics
    Organizers: S. Boccaletti, S. Jakubek, A. Pisarchik
  • MS-19
    Fluid-Structure Interaction
    Organizers: A. Metrikine, O. Gottlieb, K. Hourigan
  • MS-20
    Wave Propagation in Mechanical Systems
    Organizers: M. Ruzzene, F. Romeo, Y. Starosvetsky


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