MS-08 Nonlinear Phenomena in Mechanical and Structural Systems

Paper-ID 122
Bifurcations and parameter sensitiveness during chaotic operation of ac/ac converter
Kordonis, Alexandros; Hikihara, Takashi
Kyoto University, Japan
Paper-ID 124
Stability Analysis for Period One Motions of Two Harmonically Excited Beams with Impact Interaction
Long, Xinhua
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, People's Republic of
Paper-ID 177
State transition of wiper blade due to Coulomb friction
Shibata, Atsushi (1); Yabuno, Hiroshi (2); Yanagisawa, Dai (3)
1: Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, Japan; 2: Institute of System on Engineering, University of Tukuba, Tukuba Japan; 3: MITSUBA Corporation, Kiryu, Japan
Paper-ID 221
Non-stationary wave turbulence in elastic plates: a numerical investigation
Ducceschi, Michele (1); Touzé, Cyril (1); Cadot, Olivier (1); Bilbao, Stefan (2)
1: ENSTA-ParisTech, France; 2: University of Edinburgh, UK
Paper-ID 226
Asymptotic multi-valued solutions of precipitate formation problem
Tsypkin, Georgy Gennadievich
Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation
Paper-ID 251
Nonlinear dynamics of framed systems
Borisov, Andrey (1); Chigarev, Anatoly (2)
1: The Smolensk Branch of Moscow power engineering college (Technical university), Smolensk, Russia, Russian Federation; 2: Belorussian national technical university, Minsk, Belorussia
Paper-ID 272
Experimental analysis of 2:1 modal interactions with noncommensurate linear frequencies in an aerospace structure
Noël, Jean-Philippe; Renson, Ludovic; Kerschen, Gaetan
University of Liège, Belgium
Paper-ID 280
Nonlinear vibrations of fluid-filled functionally graded cylindrical shells with axial load
Silva, Frederico Martins Alves (1); Montes, Roger Otávio Pires (1); Gonçalves, Paulo Batista (2)
1: Federal University of Goiás, Brazil; 2: Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Paper-ID 288
Spontaneous symmetry breaking in a thermodynamic system of pulleys
Arinstein, Arkadii
Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Paper-ID 290
Experimental and numerical aspects of nonlinear stiffness related to helical buckling of a slender elastic beam under torsional oscillations confined in a cylinder
Silveira, Marcos; Pontes Jr, Bento Rodrigues; Balthazar, José Manoel
UNESP - São Paulo State University, Brazil
Paper-ID 308
Model identification for nonlinear ice-structure interaction using the unscented Kalman filter
Nord, Torodd Skjerve (1); Lourens, Eliz-Mari (2); Metrikine, Andrei (2)
1: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway; 2: Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Paper-ID 323
Comparison Of The Stochastic Resonance Between Two-Dimensional Duffing Equation And One-Dimensional Langevin Equation
Lai, Zhi-Hui (1); Leng, Yong-Gang (1); Fan, Sheng-Bo (1); Guo, Yan (2)
1: School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University, China; 2: School of Management, Tianjin University, China
Paper-ID 327
Continuous modeling and minimal dimension reduction for thermomechanically coupled nonlinear vibrations of laminated plates
Saetta, Eduardo; Rega, Giuseppe
Universita' di Roma La Sapienza, Italy
Paper-ID 352
Large amplitude vibrations of heated Timoshenko beams with delamination and delamination detection
Manoach, Emil (1); Warminski, Jerzy (2)
1: Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria; 2: Department of Applied Mechanics, Lublin University of Technology, Lublin, Poland
Paper-ID 363
Frequency response of cylindrical variable stiffness composite laminated shells
Stoykov, Stanislav (1); Ribeiro, Pedro (2)
1: Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria; 2: DEMec, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal
Paper-ID 390
Dynamics of rotating pendulums attached to a hub with a non-ideal energy source
Szmit, Zofia; Warmiński, Jerzy
Lublin University of Technology, Poland
Paper-ID 423
Phenomenological model for predicting stationary and non-stationary spectra of wave turbulence in vibrating plates
Humbert, Thomas (1,2); Josserand, Christophe (1); Touzé, Cyril (2); Cadot, Olivier (2)
1: Institut d'Alembert, UMR 7190 CNRS-UPMC; 2: Unité de Mécanique (UME), ENSTA-Paristech
Paper-ID 466
Bifurcation of Travelling Waves in Implicit Nonlinear Lattices: Applications in metamaterials
Rothos, Vassilios M (1); Feckan, Michal (2); Susanto, Hadi (3); Agaoglou, Makrina (4)
1: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; 2: Comenius University, Slovakia; 3: University of Nottingham, UK; 4: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Paper-ID 478
Nonlinear dynamics of a dual-point-contact ball
Antali, Mate; Stepan, Gabor
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Paper-ID 489
Nonlinear Identification and Health Monitoring of Gear-Pair System
Giagopoulos, Dimitrios (1); Papadimitriou, Costas (2); Nastiavas, Sotirios (3)
1: University of Western Macedonia, Greece; 2: University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece; 3: Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
Paper-ID 504
Response of a beam on a nonlinear unilateral viscoelastic Pasternak foundation
Bajaj, Anil K.; Bhattiprolu, Udbhau; Davies, Patricia
School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, United States of America
Paper-ID 513
A Methodology for Stable Control of Nonlinear Systems
Udwadia, Firdaus E; Koganti, Prasanth Babu
University Of Southern California, United States of America
Paper-ID 514
Non-linear Force Modeling of a Cylindrical Grinding Contact
Mehmood, Faisal; Järvenpää, Veli-Matti; Yuan, Lihong
Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Paper-ID 517
Investigation of Cylindrical Grinding Force with Consideration of Friction in Feed Drive
Kalbasi Shirvani, Hessam (1); Yuan, Lihong (2); Jarvenpaa, Veli-matti (3)
1: Tampere University of Technology, Finland; 2: Tampere University of Technology, Finland; 3: Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Paper-ID 525
Vibration suppression of a superconducting levitation system with an electromagnetic shunt damper
Sasaki, Masahiko; Kimura, Junki; Sugiura, Toshihiko
Keio University, Japan
Paper-ID 530
Dynamic Analysis of a Multi-storey Greenhouse’s Timber Structure
Decher, Emanuela; Lanivschi, Cristina Emanuela
Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania
Paper-ID 532
Comparison between hysteretic and non-hysteretic constitutive models for Shape Memory Alloys oscillators
Bernardini, Davide; Rega, Giuseppe
Sapienza Universita di Roma, Italy
Paper-ID 537
On coupled vibrations of thin-walled rotating composite beams: parametric studies
Latalski, Jaroslaw; Warminski, Jerzy
Lublin University of Technology, Poland
Paper-ID 545
Stability Problems under the Influence of Joint-Damping
Hetzler, Hartmut
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
Paper-ID 558
Discrete Geometric Optimal Control of Multi-body Systems
Kobilarov, Marin
Johns Hopkins University, United States of America
Paper-ID 567
Lagrangian transport barriers in three-dimensional unsteady flows
Blazevski, Daniel; Haller, George
ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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