MS-03 Computational Methods

Paper-ID 107
Numerical Continuation Methods for Stochastic Systems
Kuehn, Christian
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Paper-ID 126
Atlas Merging Algorithms and Parallelization
Mallya, Pratik; Dankowicz, Harry
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States of America
Paper-ID 187
Bifurcations of global invariant manifolds in an optically-injected laser
Aguirre, Pablo
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
Paper-ID 192
Control of DNA opening dynamics via resonance with terahertz fields
Koon, Wang Sang
Control and Dynamical Systems, California Institute of Technology, United States of America
Paper-ID 194
Continuation of bifurcations of periodic solutions based on the harmonic balance method
Detroux, Thibaut; Kerschen, Gaetan
University of Liege (ULg), Belgium
Paper-ID 207
Numerical Relative Lyapunov Centre Bifurcation
Wulff, Claudia (1); Schilder, Frank (2)
1: University of Surrey, United Kingdom; 2: DTU, Denmark
Paper-ID 235
Influence of Time Delay on Real-Time Dynamics Substructuring Tests for Coupled Nose Landing Gear-Fuselage Dynamics
Terkovics, Nandor (1); Neild, Simon (1); Lowenberg, Mark (1); Krauskopf, Bernd (2)
1: University of Bristol, United Kingdom; 2: The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Paper-ID 250
Generalized Elliptic Domains: The Black Holes of Unsteady Dynamical Systems
Haller, George
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Paper-ID 270
A direct method for computing failure boundaries of non-autonomous systems
Osinga, Hinke
The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Paper-ID 274
Computation of damped nonlinear normal modes with internal resonances: a boundary value approach
Renson, Ludovic (1); Touze, Cyril (2); Kerschen, Gaetan (1)
1: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Liège, Belgium; 2: Unité de Mécanique (UME), ENSTA-ParisTech, Palaiseau, France
Paper-ID 295
Adaptive decomposition of dynamic patterns
Beyn, Wolf-Juergen
Bielefeld University, Germany
Paper-ID 328
Introducing the Hilbert-Huang Volterra system identification method for nonlinear wave energy converters and marine applications
Gkikas, Georgios D.
Maritime Research Institute of Netherlands (MARIN), Netherlands, The
Paper-ID 365
The nonsmooth generalized-α scheme with a simultaneous enforcement of constraints at position and velocity levels.
Bruls, Olivier (1); Acary, Vincent (2); Cardona, Alberto (3)
1: University of Liège, Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (LTAS); 2: INRIA, Centre de recherche Grenoble France; 3: Universidad Nacional Litoral - Conicet, CIMEC - INTEC
Paper-ID 373
pde2path-V2: multi-parameter continuation and periodic domains
Uecker, Hannes (1); Wetzel, Daniel (1); Rademacher, Jens (2); Dohnal, Tomas (3)
1: Universität Oldenburg, Germany; 2: Universität Bremen, Germany; 3: TU Dortmund, Germany
Paper-ID 383
Analysis of Cloud Particle Activation using Numerical Continuation
Saghafi, Mehdi; Dankowicz, Harry; West, Matthew
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States of America
Paper-ID 401
Automatic system perturbation for the continuation of codim-1 transcritical bifurcations in MatCont
Della Rossa, Fabio; Dercole, Fabio
Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Paper-ID 422
Numerical integration of a set of ODEs of motion for constrained mechanical systems
Natsiavas, Sotirios (1); Paraskevopoulos, Elias (1); Potosakis, Nikolaos (1); Georgiou, Georgia (2)
1: Laboratory of Machine Dynamics, Greece; 2: The Virtual Engineering Centre, England
Paper-ID 428
Stability Calculations and Control Updating for Control-based Continuation
Barton, David AW
University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Paper-ID 439
Quantification and prediction of intermittent events in nonlinear dispersive waves
Cousins, William; Sapsis, Themistoklis
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America
Paper-ID 539
Singular Boundary-Value Formulations for Nonlinear Beams
Saghafi, Mehdi; Dankowicz, Harry
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States of America
Paper-ID 540
Integrating backwards in time in controlled experiments
Sieber, Jan
University of Exeter, United Kingdom
Paper-ID 541
Analysis of Unstable States in Particle Models for Pedestrian Flow
Starke, Jens; Sørensen, Asger; Marschler, Christian; Schilder, Frank; Thomsen, Kristian Berg; Hjorth, Poul
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Paper-ID 543
Automatic classification of global dynamics via Morse decompositions. The case of flows
Pilarczyk, Paweł
IST Austria
Paper-ID 559
Computational rod model for bio-filament simulations with user-defined constitutive laws
Narang, Ankit (1,2); Goyal, Sachin (1)
1: University of California, Merced, United States of America; 2: Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi, New Delhi, India
Paper-ID 568
Bifurcation and continuation in symmetric, conservative and reversible systems
Galan-Vioque, Jorge
University of Sevilla, Spain
Paper-ID 569
Coarse-graining the dynamics of (and on) complex networks
Kevrekidis, Yannis; Rajendran, Karthikeyan; Holiday, Alexander; Bertalan, Tom
Princeton University, United States of America
Paper-ID 570
CONTINEX: A Toolbox for Continuation in Experiments
Schilder, Frank; Bureau, Emil; Santos, Ilmar; Thomsen, Jon-Juel; Starke, Jens
DTU, Denmark

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